*     Australian Geometrid Moths    


                                                          (5th instar larva of Paralaea porphyrinaria )

General information


The lepidopteran family Geometridae is a well-represented and diverse group in Australia with nearly 1300 described species in at least 275 genera and most likely a large number of species yet undescribed.  The Ennominae are the largest of the six sub-families, with the Nacophorini as the best represented tribe in southern Australia.  The Australian Nacophorini are interesting taxonomically because of their structurally generalised characteristics.  The adults are stout-bodied and hairy and the larvae have extra pairs of prolegs on some or all of abdominal segments A3-A5.  Furthermore, the Nacophorini has a Gondwanan distribution with related genera in South America and southern Africa.  In Australia, the Nacophorini is only rivalled by the Boarmiini in the number of endemic genera and species it contains. 


This web-site aims to provide complementary information on papers published by Peter McQuillan and his research group.  In particular it allows access to colour photos of species that are not normally available.  For more information on any of the geometrid genera at this site the relevant publications can be consulted.  The web-site is composed of pages for individual genera; please follow the links.


Correspondence can be directed to Catherine Young, email: cjyoung@utas.edu.au.



Palleopa innotata