'KelpWatch' - Monitoring Giant Kelp Forests in Tasmania
Photo by: Jon BryanPhoto by: Jon BryanPhoto by: Jon BryanPhoto by: Jon Bryan

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'KelpWatch' - Monitoring Giant Kelp Forests in Tasmania
What is 'KelpWatch'?   The Giant Kelp Survey

Find out about the Giant Kelp Survey and the Giant Kelp Photolibrary.  
Participate in the Giant Kelp Survey and help 'KelpWatch' discover more about Giant Kelp!
Kelp Facts Kelp Harvesting
  What are kelps? Learn about Kelp in Tasmania, Kelp Forests, their biology and ecology, and much more. Read about seaweed and kelp harvesting, and the History of Kelp Harvesting in Tasmania.
Kelp Research Kelp Resources
The Tasmanian Giant Kelp Project and What's New? - catch up on the latest in kelp research. Visit Kelp Links and the Bibliography for more information on kelp, kelp harvesting and other marine-related topics. 
Friends of Giant Kelp Contact Us 
Become a Friend or Kelpie! Find out more about the Friends of Giant Kelp, and the Sponsers and Supporters of KelpWatch. Contact details of the project co-ordinator, Karen Edyvane.

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